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Disinfection and Decontamination

During the last time, our fog cannons have been often used for the disinfection spraying and the decontamination.

Typical applications

  • decontamination of the public transport means (subway, buses, trams etc.)
  • disinfection of the outdoor public transport platforms
  • decontamination of the subway underground stations
  • tunnels decontamination
  • disinfection of the streets, sidewalks, roads etc.
  • disinfection of the indoor spaces (offices, schools, retirement houses etc.)

disinfection of roads and streets

It is usually made by the spraying from the mist cannon while the truck slowly moves.

The disinfectant could be, for example, the dilution of the sodium chlorine. An integral part of the equipment are the generator and water tank. In case the fog cannon is not on the truck, the complete equipment is on the trailer.

examples of the disinfection spraying

See below the examples of the disinfection spraying in Peru and Chile.

Decontamination of public spaces

Decontamination of the public means of transport

In a closed cooperation with our partner we offer the complete supply of the fully equipped unit. This unit is primarily designed for the decontamination of the means of the public transport such buses, trams or subway. However, it could be used also for the decontamination of the platforms of the public transport or in the tunnels.

This complete unit is equipped with the very special fog cannon which sprays the disinfectant very effectively. The technology itself is based in a container which could be installed on the railway car or the truck. Inside the container there is a tank with the 2000 l disinfectant.

For this application we highly recommend our special type HE20C - The Covidfighter.

Disinfection of the indoor spaces

For the disinfection of the indoor spaces we are delighted to quote you our newest type HE440.

It is a mobile unit of small, compact size which has the integrated 68 l tank.
The maximum range of the spray is about 10 metres.

Feel free to contact us for more details.

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