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Waste and Recycling

Waste transfer and recycling are the fast growing industries.
The dust arises at the waste unloading or crushing - this could be easily suppress by using of our mist cannons.

odour and dust control

Our fog cannons for the waste industry could be used also for the odour control.

In our portfolio range there are several flavours of different intensity. For the dust and odour control we usually sell the types HE30 and HE50.

the complete solution

In case of the need for the fully equipped unit there is a type HE30F!
The HE30-F cannon comes as a „turn key“ solution complete with an in-build generator.

It is a perfect unit for smaller job sites lacking a convenient power source (such as demolition works, mining sites, port terminals, recycling or disinfection spraying).

See the implementation

Mist cannon HE30
Waste transfer, France

Mist cannon HE30
Recycling centre, France